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"Lady in Green Dress with Red Shawl"
Scottish School. Indistinct signature, artist not identified
for certain. Dated 1767, painted in the style of William Aikman.

This is a half length portrait of a noble young woman with pleasing features, commissioned perhaps by her father, or another admirer.

The lady’s left hand is hidden from view so are not allowed to know her marital status. Her brown hair is of medium length flowing in ringlets over her shoulders. The right hand rests on a red shawl which is draped over her left shoulder. The sitter has an open, pleasing face with almond shaped eyes which
contain a hint of green. Her beauty is as evident today as it was 240 years ago when the unknown artist captured it in oil paints. Her oval face is beautifully complimented by the relatively plain oval gilt frame in which the portrait is set.


Oil on Canvas

Half length portrait of a young lady

Oval frame, the outer with raised flower, leaf-and-tendril pattern superimposed by convex reposes. Inner torus of leaf and ribbon matched by the outer . High quality presentation from this period, 1760’s.

The painting is protected by an oval cut glass (6mm) This was removed to allow photography for this site and reinstated. The portrait and frame have been together for 240 years and I am sure that that is what has preserved the work so well. There is a split in the front of the frame but it is very solid. Canvas is perfect.

No repairs, cleaning or renovations have been carried out by us.

Max height: 31 ins / 78.5 cms
Max width: 25 ins / 63.5 cms

Max height 38 ins / 96.5 cms
Max width 33.5 ins / 85 cms
Depth 4.5 ins / 11.5 cm

Total Weight: 17.5 lbs / 8 kg


£2200.00 (Sterling)